Move to the Frontier

When observing previous success stories of literally anything in the world, it usually breaks down to one major factor. Those willing to take risks and be first-movers have the highest chances of succeeding. They apply the First Principles Thinking in a way that sets them of up for success. They always move to the frontier.

What is tomorrows Frontier? Well, nobody knows really. But there are spaces that certainly have the potential to be the next thing.

DeFi - short for Decentralized finance - is Fintechs hottest topic right now. And as we all know, Fintech is everything. Risk takers have arrived, but masses and bureaucrats/regulation has yet to follow. This creates huge growth opportunities. Some other frontiers include plant-based meat/dairy replacements to feed the planet, liquid-fuel nuclear energy to revolutionize renewable energy supply, personalized medicine for cancer, psychedelics and much more.

The future is all about enhancing humanity, making sure we can live on this planet (or other planets) with no carbon emissions and to create overall happiness & equality for every living being.